The art of gifting 🎁

Share the magic of Greece through the art of gifting with our unique "The Greek Experience" packages. a way to share the warmth of the Greek spirit and showcase your love and appreciation for your clients and Associates.

Premade Experience Packages

Greek Power Breakfast πŸ‹πŸ»
Thyme & Herbs Honey 250g
Fig Jam 230g
Sesame bar with honey & pistachio 45g
Sesame bar with honey 45g
Greek Mountain Tea 50g
Sun-dried Figs 250g

A Greek Lunch🍝
Chilopites Wide (Greek Traditional Pasta) 500g
Kalamon Olives whole 250g
Herbs & Spices for Greek Salad 40g
Toasted Bread with Graviera Cheese 250g

Guilty Pleasures ⚑️

Syrup sweet Kataifi 3*60g
Syrup sweet Saragli 3*60g
Syrup sweet Baklava 3*60g

Trip to the 50’s πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ¦³
Halva with pistachio 200g
Sweet Preserve Rose 250g
Loukoumi mix 250g
Greek Coffee 250g

Vegan side or main πŸ‘
Fava Beans 500g
Giant Beans 500g
Trahanas Vegan Spicy 500g
Herbs & Spices Tzatziki Mix 90g
Toasted Bread with Tomato 250g

premium-quality experience that will leave a lasting impression.

Select your preferred package or individual products, and we can even add your company logo for a personalized touch. Let us handle the rest; we'll deliver these delightful treasures directly to your doorstep.

There is no need to go with the pre-made ideas, you have the ability to mix and match for your unique experience package, after all it’s your gift to give.Β 

In the spirit of Greek hospitality, we encourage you to create memorable connections, share the joy of giving, and showcase your love and appreciation. These culinary treasures are more than just food; they’re a piece of Greece that your clients and employees will cherish.

Experience the Greek spirit, savour the Mediterranean, and make a meaningful impact. Let’s make gifting an unforgettable experience! Every experience will be accompanied with a card on how to use the products to create an original Greek meal!!

*Minimum order 25 packages. We offer samples before every purchase, we can also add alcohol and olive oil upon request.

Lets talk!!!

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