For More than 100 years

My family produces and distributes food products, first from the area of Tatavla in Istanbul and then from Evia as Greek refugees

In the early 60's

My grandpa Triantafyllos Samaras the 1st, buys his first tractor a Fordson, with plate number 323 (the 323 tractor in all Greece). And increases his production by scale

In 1981 my parents got married

And back then I have to tell you, I wasn't even an idea...

at 22.00 21/02/1986

I came to fruition, 2.9kg of pure joy

After Lots of candles blown

In 2008

At the age of 22, I finished my studies and started my own business, Samaras Greek Food Products

and after

countless of exports

My Greek Cousin was born

Just because of the need of a client in Luxembourg who wished to purchase all Greek Food products from a single source..

The opa moment...

What we do

We produce

We package

We distribute

What you get

A full product range from one source

Top Quality

Easy Communications


Targeted Marketing

My Dad & I

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